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Military Education Office

1.   軍訓教育業務執行與推展。

      Implementation and promotion of military training

2.   國軍人才招募及預官考選業務執行與推展。

      Recruitment of national armed forces

3.   軍訓課程役期折抵業務。

      Deduction of length of military service

4.   高屏區資源中心全民國防教育相關業務。

      National defense education of Kaohsiung/Pingtung Resource Center

5.   軍訓後勤業務執行與推展。

      Implementation and promotion of logistics

6.   協助推行專科部學生生活輔導工作。

      Help to carry out works of Student Assistance Section
Student Assistance Section

1.   校內點名核假系統。

      Roll call and leave-taking system

2.   學生操行(含勤缺、獎懲)作業及獎懲委員會議召開相關事宜。

      Conduct operation (presence/absence/reward/punishment) and hold related meetings

3.   缺曠課學生(含定察生)追蹤輔導。

      Tracking and counseling students having problem of attendance (including regularly repeated clients)

4.   教育部補助私立大專校院學生事務與輔導工作經費。

      MOE subsidy for student affairs and counseling

5.   交通安全教育(含學生專車)。

      Safe drive education (including students buses)

6.   品德教育宣導。

      Conduct education promotion

7.   法治教育宣導。

      Law-related education promotion

8.   智慧財產權宣導。

      Promotion of intellectual property rights

9.   安全通報及危機管理

      Safety report and risk management

10. 校園安全維護(定期巡查校園及校外重要地點)

      Safety on campus (regular patrol on/off campus)

11. 僑生、陸生及外籍學生生活輔導。

      Guidance governing life of students of overseas Chinese, students from and foreign countries

12. 賃居生輔導業務(含雲端租屋生活網)。

      Guidance governing students who rent rooms off campus (including lease via Cloud Service)

13. 教育部學雜費減免作業。

     Exemption for tuition/ miscellaneous fees

14. 學生就學貸款。

      Student loan

15. 校內各項就學補助措施(含弱勢學生助學計畫、五專一至三年級高職免學費方案、生活學習工讀助學金及圓夢助學網)。

      Subsidy provided by the School (including sponsorship plan for underprivileged students, free-tuition for 
      students among 1-3 grades of 5-year college, work-study scholarship and help dreams project)

16. 校外各項獎助學金(含學產基金會設置急難慰問金)。

      Subsidy provided outside the School (including Financial Aids from Academia/Industry Foundation)

17. 班級導師工作(含班會紀錄簿及導師會議)。

      Matters in regard to tutors (class records and tutors meetings)

18. 辦理床位安排。

      Beds arrangement

19. 適時回報住宿生住宿狀況(導師、系主任或生輔組)。

      Report of students states (to tutor, chairperson of dept or Student Assistance Section)

20. 住宿生情緒輔導、轉介與追蹤回報。

      Counseling, referral, tracking and report of students moods

21. 住宿生生病照護、送醫與回報。

      Health care and report (hospital treatment)

22. 辦理學生晚歸、外宿及銷假等事宜。

      Late return, stay over night off campus and leave-taking

23. 宿舍各項設施檢查、故障回報與維修確認。

      Facility check, malfunction report and maintenance

24. 輔導學生宿舍自治管理委員會的運作與舉辦相關活動。

      Operation and activities of Dormitory Administration Committee

25. 宿舍與千禧樓停車場門禁安全與管理。

       Dorm safety and parking management





Extracurricular Activities Section
1.   負責全校學生社團組織之推動及輔導工作。
      Promotion and guidance governing students clubs
2.   策劃執行全校性之例行活動(如開學典禮、畢業典禮…等)。

      Implementation of regular activities held on campus (school opening ceremony, graduation ceremony etc.)
3.   策劃全校大型慶典活動(如園遊會)。

      Implementation of big events on campus (charity bazaar)
4.   統籌教育部「帶動中小學社團發展計畫專案」。

       Implementation of MOE’s “Partnership Project with Neighborhood Elementary/Junior High School

5.   辦理優秀青年選拔。
       Selection of outstanding students
6.   學生課外競賽績優獎學金之申請。
       Application for extracurricular contests rewards
7.   失物招領
       Lost & Found
Health Section

1.  健康諮詢。

     Health Counseling

2.   緊急傷病之處理與轉診。

     Emergency treatment and referral

3.   提供衛教資料。

     Provision of health information

4.  提供輪椅、急救箱之借用相關事宜。

     Wheelchair and first-aid kit loans

5.  新生及轉學生健康檢查、追蹤輔導。  

     General checkup for newly enrolled students and transfer and tracking


6.  慢性病學生之衛教輔導。

     Health for students with chronic diseases

7.  辦理衛生保健專題演講與活動。

     Speeches and activities in regard to health

8.  辦理急救訓練證照。

     First-aid training certificates

9. 辦理學生團體平安保險業務。

     Group insurance

10. 辦理校內餐飲衛生反應及餐飲廠商督導業務。

     Hygiene of food/beverage suppliers on campus

11. 辦理捐血活動。

     Blood donation activities


     Creating health education activities. 


     Infectious disease prevention 





Counseling Center

1.   個別諮商、團體諮商、精神科醫師駐診諮詢。

      Individual and group counseling; psychologist in residence

2.   心理測驗與心理衡鑑服務。

      Psychological tests and evaluation

3.   憂鬱三級防治及心理健康工作推廣。

      Depression prevention and psychological state assessment

4.   新生生活適應篩檢及班級輔導。

      Counseling governing life of newly enrolled students

5.   性別平等教育、生命教育推廣。

      Gender equality education and life education promotion

6.   定察生、轉復生、高關懷群、外籍生輔導。

      Counseling governing regularly repeated clients, transfer students, students of resumption, high care 
      students and foreign students

7.   學習輔導辦理。

      Learning guidance

8.   導師輔導知能研習辦理。

      Counseling workshops for tutors

9.   附設資源教室提供身心障礙生輔具暨學習與生活輔導。

      Resource room for physically/mentally challenged students

10. 承辦學生申訴委員會。

     Committee of students grievances

11. 推動性別平等教育相關活動。

      Gender equality education promotion

12. 進修部輔導業務辦理。

      Counseling governing Division of Continuing Education
Service Learning Center

1.   負責本校服務學習工作之推動。 

      Service learning promotion

2.   聯繫各服務機構志工需求並辦理公告、介紹。

      Contact various institutions that are looking for volunteers; information announcement and introduction

3.   本校服務相關制度之推廣、執行。 

      Implementation and promotion of related systems

4.   本校學生服務時數之登錄。 

      Registration of service hours

5.   負責本校學生志工培訓相關事宜。

      Volunteers training

6.   本校志願服務紀錄冊之印製與發放。

      Printout and provision of service record booklets

7.   辦理服務績優同學之獎勵。

      Rewards for students with outstanding performance

8.   推動各項服務學習專案計畫。

      Service learning projects promotion
Career Development Center

1.   提供職涯諮詢與UCAN職業興趣探索測驗

      Career competency & UCAN assessment

2.   舉辦生涯講座與工作坊

      Seminars/workshops on career

3.   核發專業證照獎勵

      Professional license subsidy

4.   管理學習歷程檔案平台

      W-portfolio online system management

5.   提供國家考試及升學相關資訊

      Information on pursuing higher studies & government examinations

6.   辦理「生涯導師」研習活動

      Career tutor seminars

7.   各種職涯叢書雜誌借閱服務

      Books/magazines loans

8.   與系所合作媒合輔導學生至企業實習

      Collaboration with each dept/graduate institute for internships

9.   執行教育部補助校外實習課程計畫

      MOE’s internship subsidy outside the School

10.  彙整教育部「學海築夢」海外實習計畫

       MOE’s Internship Abroad Project

11.  管理「文藻104」就業媒合平台

        Wenzao 104 jobs bank management

12.  協助廠商徵才活動

       Job fair

13.  畢業校友流向調查與雇主對文藻畢業生滿意度調查

       Career clusters questionnaire and employers satisfaction survey towards alumni

14.  培訓「生涯志工團」

       Career development & volunteers training